Anti-fog Nose Clips

These are the current .STL and .3MF files that should be used to print this item.

Recommended Slicer Settings:

  • Prusa Slicer
    • Layer Height: 0.3mm
    • Extrusion Width
      • First Layer: 0.55mm
      • Everything else: 0.59mm
    • Elephant Foot Compensation: 0mm (default is 0.2mm)
      • Turning this off reduces adhesion issues, however you must have your first layer calibration spot on.
    • Increase small perimeters and external perimeters speed slowly
      • Well calibrated Prusa MK3s working great at 50mm/s for all perimeters.

Please Contact @PetkoGanachev on Slack if you would like to add to these recomendations.

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