Priority list of Recipients

Our volunteer producers have collaboratively created the following priority list of recipients. Requests will be filled in the order listed here.

Although no donations are required, we rely on donations to fund the manufacturing costs of items. If you can afford to do so, please consider making a donation with your request. We are 100% volunteer operated organization relying your generosity to be able to continue producing items and providing them to those that need them.

We welcome corporations and government organization to make large requests to supply their staff with our items. We ask that you consider making a donation to cover production costs so that we can continue our efforts regardless of the priority group your organization fits in to.

Group 1 – Essential

Eligible for Free Shipping in British Columbia. Donations are Welcome.
  • Medical (Hospital, Nurses, Doctors, Care Homes, Pharmacists, Dentists and All other Health Care Workers)
  • First Responders (Ambulance, Fire, and Police)
  • Teachers and other staff at schools
  • First Nations Communities and support personnel
  • Organizations, their Clients, Staff and Volunteers working with at-risk populations
  • Grocery and Pharmacy stores
  • Food Service (Restaurant, Fast Food, Food Processing Plants, and Food Delivery)
  • Independent contractors who must provide their own PPE
  • Local small businesses <25 employees
  • Transportation (Trucking, Courier, Bus etc)
  • Workers from other essential retail (e.g. Liquor Stores, Gas Stations, Home Improvement etc.)

Group 2

Donations are Appreciated.
  • Non Essential Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial and Trades workers
  • Construction
  • Security Guards
  • All other public facing occupations

Group 3

Please consider making a donation if you can afford to do so to help us cover costs of production for Group 1 and 2.
  • All other occupations
  • General public


Our main focus is to provide items to workers and facilities within British Columbia, Canada. However, subject to availability, our volunteers have collaboratively come up with the following priority list of locations outside British Columbia.

  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Rest of Canada – Moving from West to East
  • USA Washington- Group 1
  • Rest of the world – Prioritizing poorer nations – Group 1
  • USA – Washington & Oregon – Group 2
  • Rest of the World – Prioritizing poorer nations – Group 2

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